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Logan’s Run Carousel for Poser

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

I haven’t be posting much these last few months.  What happened is I had been unemployed for much of last year and the very begin of this year, which left me with time and energy to work on making stuff for Poser and sharing it though my blog.   However, I was fortunate to get a temp job earlier this year which turned in to a permanent gig.  Overall it’s a great job, but the hours are more and the commute a bit longer than at my old job which has the downside of really curtailing how much time I spend on my blog, posting in forums and even staying in touch on Facebook (for me writing is not something I like doing but is a necessary evil)  Anyhow, I have finally manage to finish something that I can share and more importantly I’m getting around to posting about it.


You can Download the Carousel from here.

This is a model based on the Carousel set from the legendary movie Logan’s Run.  The Model has been rigged to work in Poser and should also work in Daz Studio with no problem.   The Model is set up so you can easily select the various parts such as the Life Crystal in on the floor can be hidden or adjusted.  I also added doors to the entry corridors at the bottom of the arena which were not there in the movie.

12+1 Days of Christmas – Day 8, Cavefur textures

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

“On the eighth day of Christmas Ron Ely gave to me, a set of groovy cave furs”

Picture includes: Victoria 4 and Michael 3 by DAZ, Skin texture and characters by Morris, Silverleif Studios, ARTCollaborations and Moggadeet.  Hairs by  Anton Kisiel, SWAM, Zachrael2002, Propschick and Bobbie25, Some poses by ilona and MadameL

Picture includes: Victoria 4 and Michael 3 by DAZ, Skin texture and characters by Morris, Silverleif Studios, ARTCollaborations and Moggadeet. Hairs by Anton Kisiel, SWAM, Zachrael2002, Propschick and Bobbie25, Some poses by ilona and MadameL

This is a package of 6 fur materials for the Cavefolks clothes.  The materials can be applied either using Material files or MAT Pose files.

There are 2 versions of each material.  The first version is for the Cave Dresses and Caves Skirts (they both use the same material or pose files).  The second version is for the Tops.   The first version will work with the Tops but may add extra material groups).



You can download the file from ShareCG:

NeilV added D/S file for the Cavefur textures.  If you downloaded the Cavefure texture befor Tuesday evening (12-22-09) you can get the D/S file here:

All American Beretta 92

Friday, September 25th, 2009

While working on my Beretta model I decide to make another color scheme, The All American.  It would be perfect for the Comedian(except it’s an Italian gun) or the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.


Beretta Fashion Colors

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Can you say WOW (and I don’t mean World of Warcraft)
I am proud to announce the new 2010 models will now be available in new Fashion colors.
In addition to Boring Black and tired Pimp Chrome I have created four new absolutely fabulous looks.
Trust me all the cool kids will be packing these pistols back to school this fall.


WIP – Beretta 92

Sunday, September 20th, 2009


My latest modeling project has been a Beretta 92 pistol with a few accessories.  I think it still needs something else on the right side.  I was think maybe a can holder but it just doesn’t seem right.


Netflix, But Why?

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Netflix is funny.

They have sent me an extra DVD and there is a link “Why do you have an extra DVD?”
The answer: We have sent you an extra DVD rental from your Queue.
Yes I know you have sent me and extra DVD.  Telling me that does not answer the question WHY.

Rococo Decadence for Victoria 4 – Finished

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

rdecadencev4-750This is and outfit for Victoria 4 based off a picture I stumbled across while researching 18th century dresses and hair.

The outfit consists of 3 conforming figures; a Corset, Panniers and a Half Slip and includes morphs to match many of Victoria 4’s body morphs.

This was made for Poser but it should work with DAZ Studio

You can download it from here:

Thanks to Whazizname for Beta testing.

Learning to render in Lightwave

Saturday, July 4th, 2009


Some time back when I got Lightwave I was thinking of using it manly for modeling and was starting to do that. But then I tried a demo of Silo3d and found for me the Silo was much easier to use and shelved Lightwave. However, as you all know, Lightwave is so much more than a modeler so I took it back of the self and decided to learn more about Lightwave starting with rendering.

So I made a generic SciFi room in Silo, saved it as and OBJ and then loaded it into. My biggest hurdle was trying to figure out why most of my model was rendering mostly black. When I resaved the model as a 3ds file and loaded that the problem was gone and it was rendering fine.

Eventually, manged to get a halfway decent looking render.

Right now I’m only using simple surface settings. Next is to start adding maps and using shaders.