Rococo Decadence for Victoria 3

Here’s the Rococo Decadence Outfit converted to fit Victoria 3.  In addition to the refit there is also a new set of  Goth theme textures.

Rococo Decadence for V3

Rococo Decadence for V3

Rococo Decadence for Vicky 3

4 Responses to “Rococo Decadence for Victoria 3”

  1. Goldenthrush Says:

    Yayyay! Thank you so much! oooooohhh Goth!

  2. Tybalt Says:

    Thanks! Followed the early progress on this piece , including the reference pict site you used. Charming & unusual piece. can think of lots of fun uses.!

  3. Tybalt Says:

    Oh Noes!
    in my 7.5MB july16 creation date
    D/led at above link on this page
    “:Runtime:textures:ccox:Rococo:Decadence –>HEREccox–> Rococo–> Decadance folder after unpacking the .zip is EMPTY

    Note: V4 version .zip had all .jpg files needed & pops right in…..

    Also I noticed the bodyhandles Geometry on the V3 slip .Cr2 references
    objFileGeom 0 0 :Runtime:Geometries:ccox:r_ThighBH.obj
    whereas the v3.ZIP has the BH.obj’s in
    ..Which Means
    IF you dled & installed the V4 FIRST you would have had the bodyhandles Geom in the :Rococo: folder…& not notice any problem.
    IF you ONLY installed & use use the v3 version of slip .cr2 then the body handles geom(BH.obj’s) would need to be placed in :Runtime:Geometries:ccox: in order for the V3 Slip.Cr2 to load. (or edit the V3slip .cr2 to reference
    :Runtime:Geometries:ccox:Rococo:r_ThighBH.obj for example)

    sorry so verbose Not being Picky or Whining here…just thought you might want to know in order to avoid any confusions
    entirely possible I am being a Dumb Bunny (slipper) 🙂 & have overlooked something & am Cluless..

    ANYHOO …….. I Love this Outfit & appreciate you making it available

  4. Tybalt Says:

    Translation of above overly hasty post.
    I think the is missing the .jpgfiles? (goth version)
    I missed where to get them.