Kitty Slippers

The gals had just received their new Tiger Slippers, so Beth decides to form a band.  However, Beth is the only one who can play and instrument.  Despite this, she still had fun performing all the songs off the “Josie and the Pussycats” soundtrack.  Caitlin kept hoping that they would be attacked ninjas or rogue Spetsnaz so that she could find out if the bass would make a good weapon or not.  Sandy spent the time reading physics journals and texting her boyfriend.

Beth and the Pussyctaz!

Freestuff used includes:
Glasses by obm890
Swimsuit by Evilinnocence
Drums, Guitar and Bass by music2u4u

KittySlippers-450Here is a set of Kitty and Tiger Slipper props for Poser.

The P7 files are set up using Poser material to make the slippers look fuzzy.
Besides the basic Slippers there are also smart proped versions of the slipppers for Victoria 3 and 4.

Kitty Slippers

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    Thanks Chris!!

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    KITTY SLIPPERS!!! Thanks so much!