More Poser Jewely

OK so here is some more bling for your Poser people.  First we have a way cool pendant based on a design by Rose Primus.  The pendant is a smart prop and is designed to fit the cord necklace that I mention in a few more lines.  Please note that you can only use the pendant for non-commercial renders.  So if the off change that you haven’t been following my blog here’s another picture of the Wolf Pendant.


Also I have finished up my first necklace pack for Poser.  This pack features 2 types of generic necklaces, chain necklaces and cord necklaces.    The B versions of the necklaces feature detailed clasps while the A versions don’t.  The pack includes conforming figures and smart props for DAZ’s Victoria 3 and Victoria 4.



The necklaces can be used in any renders; non-commercial or commercial

You can download the files here:

4 Responses to “More Poser Jewely”

  1. MagicWeaver Says:

    this is lovely chris, your talent is going to be legendary some day, thank you very much~

  2. Tabbycat Says:

    I think Chris you are already a legend, lol. Fantastic jewelry models. I am honored to download such greatness. Thank you.

  3. Whazizname Says:

    Wow; I hadn’t been paying much attention these items (My Action Girls very rarely wear jewelry…); but was curious about the “Bullet Pendants”, stopped in to investigate, and am thoroughly pleased. The bullets, the wolf head, and maybe the hoops will make a nice addition to my overly unused jewelry runtime.

    Great work!!
    Thank you!


  4. Whazizname Says:

    Oops…; I forgot to mention, and say thanks for the finely crafted necklaces.

    Great details!!!

    Thank you!