Rococo Decadence for Victoria 4 – Finished

rdecadencev4-750This is and outfit for Victoria 4 based off a picture I stumbled across while researching 18th century dresses and hair.

The outfit consists of 3 conforming figures; a Corset, Panniers and a Half Slip and includes morphs to match many of Victoria 4’s body morphs.

This was made for Poser but it should work with DAZ Studio

You can download it from here:

Thanks to Whazizname for Beta testing.

3 Responses to “Rococo Decadence for Victoria 4 – Finished”

  1. Goldenthrush Says:

    *Squee!* Thank you, I don’t know how I missed this!

  2. crios Says:

    Wow, amazing piece.

  3. wawadave Says: