Learning to render in Lightwave


Some time back when I got Lightwave I was thinking of using it manly for modeling and was starting to do that. But then I tried a demo of Silo3d and found for me the Silo was much easier to use and shelved Lightwave. However, as you all know, Lightwave is so much more than a modeler so I took it back of the self and decided to learn more about Lightwave starting with rendering.

So I made a generic SciFi room in Silo, saved it as and OBJ and then loaded it into. My biggest hurdle was trying to figure out why most of my model was rendering mostly black. When I resaved the model as a 3ds file and loaded that the problem was gone and it was rendering fine.

Eventually, manged to get a halfway decent looking render.

Right now I’m only using simple surface settings. Next is to start adding maps and using shaders.

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