Logan’s Run Carousel for Poser

I haven’t be posting much these last few months.  What happened is I had been unemployed for much of last year and the very begin of this year, which left me with time and energy to work on making stuff for Poser and sharing it though my blog.   However, I was fortunate to get a temp job earlier this year which turned in to a permanent gig.  Overall it’s a great job, but the hours are more and the commute a bit longer than at my old job which has the downside of really curtailing how much time I spend on my blog, posting in forums and even staying in touch on Facebook (for me writing is not something I like doing but is a necessary evil)  Anyhow, I have finally manage to finish something that I can share and more importantly I’m getting around to posting about it.


You can Download the Carousel from here.

This is a model based on the Carousel set from the legendary movie Logan’s Run.  The Model has been rigged to work in Poser and should also work in Daz Studio with no problem.   The Model is set up so you can easily select the various parts such as the Life Crystal in on the floor can be hidden or adjusted.  I also added doors to the entry corridors at the bottom of the arena which were not there in the movie.

2 Responses to “Logan’s Run Carousel for Poser”

  1. Jorge Aros Says:

    Thanks! You do GOOD work and it always brightens my day to find another freebie from you. Yeah, work can be a life-eating bummer, but art cann be therapy for it!

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