Pentagram Earrings for Poser

Here is a set of simple Pentagram Earring props for 15 different figures or morphs for use in Poser.

There are smart props versions of the earrings for the following figures and morphs: Aiko 3, Aiko 3 Realistic, Aiko 4, David, The Girl 4, Hiro 3, Hiiro 3 Realistic, Hiro 4, Michael 1, Michael 3, Micheal 4, Stephanie Petite, Victoria 1, Victoria 3 and Victoria 4.

These Won’t look good when Fisrt loaded in DAZ Studio.  However, DAZ Studio users can apply surface settings using the surface files that are included with the Stud Earrings set.


You can download the Pentagram Earrings from ShareCG

One Response to “Pentagram Earrings for Poser”

  1. Sharyn Says:

    These are lovely. Thanks so much, Chris!