Ring Development Kit

To make it easier for me and maybe others to create rings for use in Poser I have made a Ring Development Kit.  The idea is that in the future when I make a ring I will not need to make and fit new prop files for specific figures.  I can just modify one of the sets of Ring Development files for the new ring.


The Ring Development props are set up as smart props for all of the fingers on Victoria 3 and 4 and Michael 3 and 4.  There are 3 sets of props included with the Ring Development Kit.  The first set, Band, has only one material group, Metal1.  The Second set is Trillion and has two material groups, Metal1 and GemStone1.  The Third set is 7StoneRing and it has four material groups, Metal1, Metal2, GemStone1 and GemStone2.  There is an addition set of rings, Thin Band, but it is the same as Band but just thinner.

In addition to the Props there are also Material files for basic Metal and Gemstone materials.  I’ve tried making DAZ Studio Shaders with DAZ Studio 3.  However, after saving the Shaders they do not change anything when I try to use them.

Also included is the Photoshop PSD file that was used to make Thumbnails with and might be usable as a starting point for others to make thumbnails with.

To use the Ring Development Kit, first model a ring and position it to line up with one of the OBJ file of from the Ring Development Kit.  Also set up the material groups to match those of one of the sets in the Ring Development Kit.

After saving the model as an OBJ file, copy the Ring Development set that has the material groups being used and rename the files.  A file renaming utility is pretty handy for renaming many files at once.

Next change the object reference in the props file to point at the new object by finding the objFileGeom line in the prop file and replace the path and OBJ name with the new ones.  Some editors like EditPad will allow multiple files to be opened and to do a search and replace on all files at once.

Finally make new thumbnails for the new ring props.  That’s where the included PSD file can be useful.

You don’t need to use the Ring Development Kit to make rings.  You can download it to just use the rings in Poser with your Poser peeps.

You can download the files from ShareCG: RingDevKit.zip

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