12+1 Days of Christmas – Day 1 Vintage Soxer

I know that everybody has been wondering “where is Chris and why hasn’t he made any more Poser Jewelry or updated his blog?”, that and “Do these make my butt look big?”

Well to properly answer the first question we need to flashback to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (insert cool flashback transition effect here).  P.S. the answer to the second question is never “No, honey, your butt is just big”.

So there I was hanging out with Bill, the cat, listening to Deathtöngue and snorting catnip when suddenly I was visited by GOD, well not actually GOD but Jesus, actually Baby Jesus, Dancing Baby Jesus, Dancing Baby Jesus with “Hooked on a feeling” (the Ooka Shaka song) playing in the background.  And Ally McBeal was there with Dancing Baby Ooka Shaka Jesus, you remember, she was that skinny short-skirt wearing lawyer.  Man that was some really good catnip.

Anyhow, Dancing Baby Ooka Shaka Jesus spoke unto me “Dude, I want you to go forth and celebrate my birth by buying many gifts for your friends and family and running up your credit card debt to help out the big financial companies”.  Apparently, Dancing Baby Ooka Shaka Jesus owns a lot of BofA and CitiGroup stock.

“But Dancing Baby Ooka Shaka Jesus I don’t think I can really afford to run up my credit card debt”

“Oh very well then, How about if you make a bunch of Poser freebies and then give them away for the 12+1 days of Christmas?”

“Wouldn’t that be 13 days of Christmas?”

“No way dude, I mean 12+1.  We don’t like that other number, bad mojo and what not.  So what do you say Chris Dude can you do it?”

“Alright then, Dancing Baby Ooka Shaka Jesus, I’ll do it, I’ll make freebies for the 13, I mean 12+1 days of Christmas

“Thank you Chris, you are a most righteous dude.  Say is that catnip?”


12+1 Days of Christmas – Day 1 Vintage Soxer

“On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, A Vintage Soxer outfit for Victoria 3 and 4”

Vintage Soxer outfit

Picture includes the Following items: Victoria 3 by DAZ, Ravenna character by Diao, Donna Hair by Lisbeth, Soxer outfit by Chris Cox, Soxer outfit textures by eblank

The Vintage Soxer outfit is a Sweater and Skirt for Victoria 3 and 4.  Many of Victoria’s body morphs have been added to the clothing.  Also included are some partial poses to allow Victoria’s legs to match the sit morphs in the skirts

As a bonus eblank has created 4 sets of additional textures.  You can visit eblank’s webpages here: http://www.eblank.de/eblank_textures/

I hope you enjoy these.

Download the outfit from ShareCG: VintageSoxer.zip

Download eblank’s textures: vintage_eblank.zip

3 Responses to “12+1 Days of Christmas – Day 1 Vintage Soxer”

  1. SmileyWitchFaerie Says:

    Thank you , this’ll go great with her saddle shoes from Headkase!

  2. Sharyn Says:

    The outfit looks fantastic! Can’t wait until I get my computer back from the shop so I can play.

  3. Wigley Says:

    Lovely outfit. Thank you.