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Bullet Pendants for Poser

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

A couple of Bullet Pendants are the next part in the ongoing jewelry project for Poser.

These 2 props are designed to smart prop to the Victoria 4 version of the chain necklace in my necklace pack 1.


Both bullets have morphs to make them look more fired.  One morph deforms the bullets slightly and the  second morph mushrooms the shape of the bullet.


More Poser Jewely

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

OK so here is some more bling for your Poser people.  First we have a way cool pendant based on a design by Rose Primus.  The pendant is a smart prop and is designed to fit the cord necklace that I mention in a few more lines.  Please note that you can only use the pendant for non-commercial renders.  So if the off change that you haven’t been following my blog here’s another picture of the Wolf Pendant.


Also I have finished up my first necklace pack for Poser.  This pack features 2 types of generic necklaces, chain necklaces and cord necklaces.    The B versions of the necklaces feature detailed clasps while the A versions don’t.  The pack includes conforming figures and smart props for DAZ’s Victoria 3 and Victoria 4.



The necklaces can be used in any renders; non-commercial or commercial

You can download the files here:

Queen Elizabeth I necklace for Poser

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

The Queen Elizabeth I coronation necklace is done and ready for downloading.  There are 3 conforming figures for V3, V4 and A3 and 2 smart props of the the V3 and V4 versions. The A3 version of the necklace is shaped the same as the V4 necklace just scaled and repositioned for A3 that why there’s no A3 prop version. The materials are optimized for Poser 5+.